Cocktail Recipe | Bloody Mary by The Ivy Collection

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We asked for one of The Ivy’s signature cocktails for you to try out at home – so give this Bloody Mary a whirl.

50ml Ivy Chase Gin
15ml spice mix
200ml tomato juice
5ml lemon juice
Tabasco sauce
2tsp English mustard
2tsp horseradish
2tsp black pepper
3 fresh chilli peppers
2tsp salt
1 celery stick
1/4 head garlic
5 basil leaves
Worcestershire sauce

The Spice Mix: Add all the ingredients apart from the Worcestershire sauce to a blender and blend, then pour the mixture into a bowl. Once this is done add just enough of the Worcestershire sauce to make a fine paste in the bowl, then add a further few splashes of Worcestershire sauce to the paste & mix thoroughly.

The cocktail: Fill a highball glass with four ice cubes and pour all of the ingredients directly into the glass. Carefully stir, then garnish with a cherry tomato, sprig of rosemary, an olive and some ground black pepper.



Image by Paul Winch-Furness


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