Poetic License, an independent, small batch distillery, has just launched its next limited edition flavoured gin – a Sweet Bell Pepper and Naga Chilli Gin.
This curious rarity delivers a big smokiness from chillies first on the nose, followed by sweetness from juniper and yellow and green peppers, which starts a gentle heat at the back of the palette. As the heat moves to the back of the palette, the gin leaves a lingering warmth, flavours of fruity peppers and a very subtle smokiness from earthy chillies.
It is the North East-based distillery’s second limited edition of 2018 and the sixth in its  ‘The Rarities’ range to-date, which are one-off spirit products with only a few hundred bottles of each created. There are less than 500 bottles available of the Sweet Bell Pepper and Naga Chilli Gin which will be available from next week, with pre-orders being taken now.
Distiller, Luke Smith, explains the thinking behind this gin: “We reckon a few people might be put-off by this gin, assuming it will be scary-spicy, but fear not! It will blow your socks off with flavour, but not with heat. We wanted to encapsulate the flavours of the chillies and not hugely the hotness – most people struggle to decipher flavour when their taste buds are overwhelmed with heat. As such the gin is milder than you may expect for using such potent chillies. We chose naga as these are the most flavourful of the chilli family.  We wanted just enough of this heat to appreciate it as chilli but not so much that it masked the other flavours.”
The suggested serve is with light tonic garnished with tricolour peppers, as “the slightly but not overly sweet tonic encourages the peppers to come to the fore, while still allowing the earthy chillies to shine.”
‘The Rarities’ range launched in 2017, during which time there were four  limited edition flavoured gins produced; an Orange Blossom in February, a Cherry and Basil in June and a Gooseberry & Elderflower in September and finally a Blackberry and Bay in October. All sold out within just a few days due to their ‘grab-it-while-you-can’ nature and it is anticipated this latest offering will be in similar high demand. There are a further four Rarity releases planned for this year.
Pre-order now  to reserve your bottle: http://bit.ly/2FCEFGu