“I was born and raised on a steel river.” Chris Rea’s famous song is just one of the inspirations behind Jay Byers’s new Steel River Gin.

The Teesside entrepreneur has launched two gins. Both feature 265 limited edition, first-release bottles.

“The gin is based on the two loves of my life: Teesside, where I was born and raised and will be opening a gin distillery, and Granada, Andalucia, where I also have a home and have sourced some big flavours for the gin.”


TASTING NOTES: Steel River ‘Stainsby Girl’ Edition has a wonderful, fresh aroma of watermelon, juniper tones and citrus notes.
PERFECT SERVE: This premium-flavoured gin is best served with a Indian tonic, blueberries and a wedge of lime to cut through the sweetness.
WHERE TO BUY: steelriverdrinks.com


Image by Nick Christie Photography